Luxury estate, Canada

2018-03-19 11:22 Customers


Luxury estate on the hights of Montréal, Canada


A luxury estate situated at the heights of Montreal has limited natural light in two rooms. The residence also has limited space on the roof and is therefore limited in the choice of size of the Parans system. At the same time, the customer wants to bring as much light as possible to the indoor environment.


The Parans system, model SP4, is modular and comes in five different sizes: from four light points (SP4-4) to 20 light points (SP4-20). The roof space sets the limit on the size of the system. Therefore the width of an SP4-6 is sufficient, but to get as much light and as many light points as possible, a customization has been made and a Parans system with 10 light points (called SP4-10) now provides two rooms with natural light.

The customer has as luminaires chosen the Parans luminaires Point Light and Hybrid Light. The Hybrid Light provides both natural light and energy efficient LED light.

The Parans system has the latest software and is online 24 hours a day which means that the system could be surveilled to deliver maximal amount of sunlight. The software also gives the possibility to collect information, for example such as delivered amount of sun hours that contributes to an added value for the customer.