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Sunlight Deep into Buildings

Parans Solar Lighting lead natural light deep into buildings and far away from windows, with the use of highly intelligent technology. We use sun collectors and low intrusion fiber optic cables to lead the sunlight 30 floors down to make sunlight an indoor experience.

It’s a hi-tech system that makes the indoor environment more natural, in order to let the sun boost your creativity and productivity throughout the day, while lowering energy consumption.

It’s a way to fulfill daylight requirements, while opening up endless design possibilities within the building.

In every building and construction in which a healthy and sustainable environment matters, Parans’ solutions deliver unique values.

If you need to lead daylight more than one floor down. If you don’t want to have extensive intrusion on your rooftop – Parans is the solution. Turn unused property areas into profitable space- 30 floors down. It’s a minimum intrusion for a maximum light experience.

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