Parans Solar Lighting system - how it works!

Parans Solar Lighting offers sunlight for indoor environments through innovative technology and design. The system captures and leads the rays of the sun through the property – deep into buildings and far away from windows – and spreads the light in a way giving you a memorable experience.

The effect of the Parans Light

The animation of the principle sketch shows how the sun moves over the city, from sunrise to sunset.

The rays of the sun reach the collectors of the Parans systems on the roof. The University Building (left building) gets sunlight first. The receivers follow the sun during the day to catch all sun hours of the day. Through fibre optic cables sunlight is lead in and through the building which is lit up by Parans light: healthy sunlight via the Parans system. The rooms deep into buildings and far away from windows may flood in sunlight.

Then, the Parans light lit up the Hospital (centre building) and underground area with the metro. And finally the sunlight reaches the Office Building (right building).