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Parans Daylight Solutions

Sunlight is important for us humans. We feel better, learn better and faster, achieve better and become more productive – we succeed better. Many people spend an essential part of their day indoors and do not experience the sun’s healthy natural light.

When a soft beam of sun illuminates a dim office, that office instantly becomes more valuable. Why? Simply put, we are made to love natural daylight. This previously dark room now fosters productivity, health and happiness. With most people spending most their time indoors, access to natural light is not only a hallmark of sustainable design, it also defines today’s most valuable real estate.

Parans Solar Lighting offers sunlight for indoor environments through innovative technology and design. The system captures and leads the rays of the sun in and through the property – deep into buildings and far away from windows.

The Value of Sunlight



To work and learn in natural light is not only pleasant and beautiful, it also plays a crucial role in keeping our minds alert and our bodies in balance. We simply perform better. Clinical research has proven that natural light not only improves cognitive functions and promotes learning, it also makes us feel much better. Students learn faster and get higher test scores. Patients have a shorter recovery time. Sick leaves decrease. We succeed better.


Natural light improves performance, learning and health. And when that happens, businesses succeed. Additionally, PARANS’ solutions can help companies earn green building certifications, such as LEED and BREEAM, that communicate environmental leadership to all corporate stakeholders. Daylit spaces command better rents. PARANS’ solutions can distribute natural light more evenly throughout the building, regardless of orientation or floor level. The result is an overall increase in property value. Whether for new construction or retrofit, PARANS’ solutions can reduce or eliminate light shafts, resulting in less HVAC demand because IR and UV radiation is filtered out. Green business is good business.


Parans’ solutions are environmentally friendly – the pure sun is the light source. The PARANS system consumes close to zero energy. By using renewable resources, the environment will be less impacted, and our carbon footprint will decrease.

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