Sustainability through digitalization with BIMObject

2020-09-03 10:49 Blog


How could we use digitalization to enable a climate neutral construction industry?

The construction industry are responsible for 39% of global energy-related carbon emissions and therefore has a great responsibility to limit them.

World Green Building Council, the network of Green Building Councils partners, will dedicate this year’s World Green Building Week (September 21-25) to urge, among others, the building sector and governments to take action to deliver net zero buildings.

To select the right design and material and to use renewable energy is one of the main keys to limit the carbon emissions.

White Arkitekter, has expressed it in a simple and thoughtful way:
”Through wise design and material choices, we can create efficient buildings with low energy use, where the energy needed is supplied from renewable energy sources. Energy demand can be reduced by optimizing the building volume and orientation, through careful design of the building envelope and by specifying energy-efficient building services and controls.”

By digitizing the construction process, the construction sector can contribute to major sustainable benefits by selecting the right material from the beginning in the design phase and secure that the product is also used in the construction phase.

Building information modelling (BIM) opens up new ways for products selections, resource savings and more energy efficient constructions. BIM improves communication and make more effective processes between for example architects and manufacturers of construction and interior design products, which leads to better and more informed decision making.

BIMObject is the world’s largest digital content management system for BIM objects. A BIM object can be described as a digital copy of a produced product and can be used in drawing environments in the first phase of planning and designing new projects. This simplifies compliance with, for example, the climate requirements and environmental certification requirements.


Parans has chosen to take the step to be on BIMObject, making it easier for architects and decision makers to use Parans’ solutions. With Parans you can harness the light of the sun and bring it deep inside, to any room. It’s a high tech yet natural way to fulfill daylight requirements while introducing endless design possibilities.

Look for Parans in BIMObject and let your next project be a bright one.

Parans in BIMObject