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The smallest, but still intelligent and efficient solar collector!

This is the Parans system’s solar collector SP4-8.2 with eight fiber optical cables. The number explains how many cables there are per system of our new high tech optical .2-fiber. The cables are distributing the light indoors. One cable is equal to one light point. The cable length is totally customized which means that each cable could have its unique cable length – up to 100 meters.

It is the smallest solar collector of the five Parans Solar Collectors SP4 and leads the sunlight up to 100 meters (328 feet) into the building. The quality of the cables allows the light quality – the visible part of the healthy full spectrum light – and luminosity to retain all the way to the light point indoors. Full spectrum light means that all the good wavelengths of visible light is brought into the building. We all need natural light to function well. The light increases energy levels and productivity among people in indoor environments, while opening up new possibilities within the building.

Conneced to the Parans Cloud, it continuously provides real time valuable data enabling maximum performance of the system.

The SP4-8.2 give 5 600* lumen and each light point give 700* lumen.
*All values are based on solar illuminance of 100 000 Lux and dependent on the cable lenght.

Download the Product Information here for both the sunlight collectors and the luminaires. On page 1-2 you find the SP4 Sunlight Collector.

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A smart light experience!

The SP4-8.2 is our smallest, but still intelligent and efficient solar collector. It suits well for leading natural light to smaller conference rooms or workplaces where healthy indoor environment matters. The layout below gives one suggestion of how you could place the point lights from one SP4-8.2, but the possibilities are many. Suitable for Commercial Buildings, as well as Health Care, Educational and Public Buildings.

With Parans’ solutions you could create memorable light experiences indoors.