Parans luminaire: natural light and hybrid in Point Light Luminaire

2019-10-30 Products


Combine sunlight and LED-light...or go all-in for sunlight!

The Luminaires Pure Point Light and Hybrid Point Light

Our luminaire Pure Point Light spreads the healthy sunlight like a Spotlight. It can be used in a variety of ways. Use the luminaire to create a dramatic spotlight beam or to direct the light on a surface. It is an easy way of having sunlight indoors.

The luminaire Pure Point Light is also available with hybrid technology and we then call it the Hybrid Point Light.  The luminaire Hybrid Point Light combines real sunlight with energy efficient LED light. It gives a healthy and pleasant experience of daylight. The combination of light sources gives a complete lighting solution: when the sun is not shining, the electrical light comes from the same light fixture. The LED-light consumes 12W. The Hybrid Light can be complemented with DALI/DSI driver for use with these systems.

For both the Pure Point Light and the Hybrid Point Light one fiber optical cable is used per luminaire.

In the product range you may choose between:
– Pure Point Light (natural light)
– Hybrid Point Light (natural light and LED light).

Product Information

Download the Product Information here for both the sunlight collector and the luminaires.

On page 4 you find the Pure Point Light and the Hybrid Point Light.

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