Let the benefits of natural lighting be brought indoors

2021-04-20 08:28 Blog


A small change in employee satisfaction could make a large impact on the bottom line. Creating healthy workplace environments by bringing natural light to the inside is one such factor.

As the famous architect Tadao Ando once said: “In all my works, light is an important controlling factor”. The architect society are well aware of the utilization and the importance of natural light. Many are also well aware of how essential daylight is for our health, productivity and wellbeing and they are used to optimize it in their design.

The human organs are orchestrated to work in harmony with each other, generating a body rhythm that is set everyday by daylight. This rhythm is called the circadian rhythm and regulates our sleep/ wake timing and levels of alertness.

Office environment

For buildings’ occupants, daylight has been shown to boost performance, improve sleep, provide a connection to the outside and increase comfort. It’s easy to understand that investing in healthy buildings that are people oriented have a lot of benefits to give, from a health and economical perspective. A business split on typical operational costs are seen in the image below from World Green Building Council’s report 2014 on “Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in offices . A small change in personnel’s health and wellbeing can have a significant impact on the financial savings.

Source and image courtesy: World Green Building Council

Although daylight is an important part of the indoor wellness, daylight is not easy to control, since it appears differently depending on location and the daily, seasonal and annual dynamics of daylight. The plenitude of sunlight or the lack of the same demand that the architectural profession treat it in respect for the local conditions. On top of that the architects need to meet daylight requirements.

The architectural profession lead the way to explore the role of daylight in architecture and inspire new thinking by considering the role of daylight as an ever-relevant source of light, energy, wellbeing and joy.

Parans light
But visions are also bound by constrains, for example such as daylight requirements. With Parans’ solutions, daylight requirements can be met on a completely new level. Where skylights, atriums or tubular daylighting aren’t always a viable option, for example when covered with solar panels, Parans Light can be added to almost any structure since the fiber optic cables are thin and can transport the light both vertically and horizontally. The installation is both non-invasive and highly effective.

Let us tell you more about how you could use the Parans’ light in your building.

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