Health and light belongs together

2016-11-25 13:59 Blog


"The difference between being in daylight and artificial light is significant. We lose our vitality by living in artificial light. We do not thrive as much in artificial light as in daylight so it is important to attempt to have as close contact as possible with daylight and, when possible, attempt to turn off all the light we can, both in our houses and outside and only use electric light of the highest quality when it is truly needed. In this way, we live optimally with light and get the most out of light."

This video deals with light and its effect on human beings. Monica Säter, previous Head of the Department of Lighting Design at Jönköping University, shares her thoughts on light and its importance to us.

The video was part of the exhibition Se Lyset (See the Light), at Dansk Design Center in 2009.