Good workplace environment:nice-2-have or need-2-have?

2019-09-03 09:50 Blog


Employer branding is more topic than ever. Good workplace environment is one of the keys to be seen as a strong and attractive employer brand. Have employers actually understood what it means? In the end the actual workplace environment will affect the bottom line. It is the employers choice if it will be in a positive or negative way.


Talented people are often people with a high awareness and demands on what the employers offer. High on the agenda today is the workplace environment. It is a key issue for both recruiting, but also for keeping talented employees. The cost for replacing a single employee have been estimated by the Center for American Progress to approximately 20% of that employee’s annual salary.

A recent Future Workplace Wellness study made by View it was clearly states that workplace wellness is good for business. It was also stated that “A workplace that enhances employee health and wellbeing would encourage 7 out of 10 to stay at their current job and make 7 out of 10 more likely to accept a job offer”. Poor workplace environment had a negative effect on the work. 31% of the respondents stated that they lost 60 minutes or more from poor environmental wellness factors. 38% of the respondents stated that they lost 60 minutes or more from poor emotional wellness factors. The last mentioned group contains for example factors such as access to natural light. “1 in 3 call out access to comfortable light (intensity and color) as important for their daily health.”

“It’s the invisible factors such as air quality and access to natural light that are often overlooked yet provide the greatest influence on workplace wellness, employee productivity and the overall quality of the employee experience.” says Jeanne Meister, Founding Partner, Future Workplace.

Increased wellness and productivity should be on every employers agenda. After all, employees are standing for approximately 90% of a companies operating costs so a small change in that aspect will make a huge difference on the bottom line.

It seems pretty clear that a good workplace environment, with good access to natural light and good air quality, is a need-to-have and not a nice-to-have.

With Parans’ solution you are able to create sunlight filled spaces in every building. Thin, flexible fiber optic cables lead the sunlight far from windows and deep into the building where the sunlight from windows cannot reach. As common as it is to have windows along the facade and that way lead the natural light inside, as common it could be to lead sunlight via a Parans system deep into the building – to every room, on every floor.

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