Daylight – increase the productivity by 18%

2017-02-19 14:30 Blog


Ad daylight to the working environment and increase productivity by 18%.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” We could not agree more regarding the still current picture stated in World Green Building Council’s report “The Business Case for Green Building” from 2013.

In this report, it is stated clearly that when daylight is added to the work environment, productivity increases by 18% in LEED-certified buildings. The amount of staff costs, such as salaries and benefits, corresponds to over 85% of business operational costs (compared to 10% for rent and 1% for energy). Research shows that just making small changes on factors such as well-being and productivity makes a big difference on the bottom line of the company’s finances.

If productivity can increase by 18% by having good standards regarding workplaces lit by daylight, that will probably change the bottom line figures of a company’s finances in a very positive way. On top of that, your attractiveness as an employer will be enhanced when you show that you care for your employees and their well-being.

In the mentioned report, Johan Karlström, Skanska’s President and CEO, could not have said it better – “going green is good business”.

The entire report may be read at: