The Rijnlands tunnel in the Netherlands

2019-05-08 10:49 Customers


Health and safety issues associated with the traffic system, such as improving visibility for drivers, has attracted increasing attention in recent years due to the soaring rates of deaths, injuries, and disabilities resulting from road traffic accidents.

Traffic accidents in tunnels comprise a small share of total road accidents; however, the human and economic losses associated with tunnel accidents are considerably more severe than those on open roads.

The majority of all these accidents occur in the entrance zones of tunnels. In this regard, providing good visual conditions for drivers approaching a tunnel entrance is a crucial factor.

Parans Tunnel Lighting

Parans and COMOL5 have signed an agreement whereby Parans will deliver systems in an innovative infrastructure project, where the end customer is the Province of Zuid-Holland.

Both tunnel entrances of the Rijnlands tunnel will have Parans natural light in the entrance zones. The tunnel is under construction and the plan is to do part deliveries during 2021.

The Parans system will lead the sunlight into the tunnel in a way that previously has been impossible, minimizing the risk of “black holes” thus ensuring the best possible safety for the road traffic.

One of the project team members was a top finalist in the nationwide competition The Challenge Engineering for the Rijnlands tunnel project’s innovative design, largely due to The Parans system’s ability to lead light deep into the tunnel.

Parans work closely with COMOL5 regarding the light solution and the upcoming software integration.

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