Technology Center in Vienna, Austria

2019-04-14 11:38 Customers


Parans’ creates sunlight lit atrium at Technology Center in Vienna.


The end customer, Technology Center Seestadt, promotes modern architecture and open spaces. There is an awareness that pleasant office environments are created with daylight. As for many buildings, a large part of the roof is covered by solar cells, which prevents infringements of the roof.


Instead of seeing the limitations, the customer has chosen to see which possibilities are created with other available technology and chosen to use the Parans system to create an artificial light shaft. One of the entrances at the technical center is welcoming the visitors with a strong sunlight lead in by the Parans system. The Parans light flows 15 meter above the entrance floor. Parans so called Point Light has been placed at an equal distance at the outer part of the installation. It is integrated with LED-lighting. The people in the building are welcomed by a strong natural light, just as if the ceiling was open to the sky or had a skylight. Approximately 25 meter long fiber optic cables leads the sunlight from the Parans system, model SP4-20, i.e. each system has 20 light points (fiber optic cables).

“No one wants to, or should, waive daylight in buildings, but at the same time there could be limitations to bring the sunshine in via windows. In this installation we see how the architect has used available technology to, as the purpose where from the beginning, to bring the natural light into the building. Also this time in an experience filled way, but via a fiber optic cable. The installation is a fantastic inspiring example of how a “heavenly light” could be created without ordinary windows.”

More information about the project is asscessible at ATP architects engineers website. The project is also described at Archello.

The images below show the light inside.
Left image: the light seen from above, 15 meters above the floor.

Image in the middle: The artificial light shaft seen from the side. Parans’ Point Lights spreading the natural light are placed on the outer part of the artificial light shaft.

Right image: The artificial light shaft is seen from below, 15 meters below. Parans’ Point Lights are placed on the outer part of the artificial light shaft.

Images below show the Parans system SP4-20 on the roof.