School, UK

2018-06-12 11:35 Customers


Pupils learn under Parans light in England


A cultural heritage school building in Bristol, England, has challenges with achieving satisfying levels of natural light in some of the classrooms. There are restrictions on the types of engagement that may be done in such a type of building, and what may be placed on the roof.


To bring natural light into the classrooms, the school has chosen to install the Parans system. The SP4’s collector is located on the building next to the current building and 60-meter-long fiber optic cables are leading the natural light to the classrooms. Due to the flexibility of the cables are flexible and thin, only one smaller hole is necessary to pull them into the building and, well inside, they need approximately the same space as other cabling. Inside the room, a diffusing luminaire, which is integrated into the ceiling, spreads the light in the room.

The pupils can prosper in the natural light.