Preschool, Sweden

2020-11-24 10:13 Customers


Natural light for the smallest citizens


A preschool’s premises in the central of Stockholm, Sweden, have limited natural light is some parts of the facility. The preschool is situated on the ground floor surrounded by multi-floor buildings. Play rooms and rooms for relaxation are placed in the inner part of the building. The children and their teachers spend several hours there each day. The challenge were to get sufficient levels of natural light to some of these spaces.


To bring in natural light to some parts of the preschool, the building developer chose to install the Parans system. Via thin flexible fiber optic cables, with customized cable length, the sunlight is lead from the solar collector on the roof to a playroom and relaxation room four floors down.

In this installation, the luminaire Pure Light gives a diffused light in the ceiling but also spread the light over the floor.

Important places should have access to natural light!