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2018-01-09 11:44 Customers


Mankato Place in Minnesota, US.

Sunstone Creative Group has produced a video about the installation for Minnesota River Properties LCC’s building Mankato Place that you may watch here:

Mankato Place by Sunstone Creative


One of the office buildings of the Real Estate owner Minnesota River Properties LCC in the city Mankato, Minnesota, US, has undergone a retrofit for federal authorities as tenants. As in many office buildings the working rooms and common areas have limited access to natural light.


By using Parans’ solutions the Real Estate owner is now able to supply natural light to important parts of the office and create more pleasant working environments.

Parans’ solar collectors have been installed on the roof to harvest the rays of the sun and to lead them with the help of fibre optic cables several floors down. For this installation approximately 40 meter-long fibre optic cables have been used. Via 36 luminaires in the shape of spotlights the Parans light is spread in the working rooms in the facilities of the US federal authorities.

The Parans system has the latest software and is online 24 hours a day which means that the system could be surveilled to deliver maximal amount of sunlight. The software also gives the possibility to collect information, for example such as delivered amount of sun hours that contributes to an added value for the customer.