Office, India

2017-11-02 13:31 Customers


Sunlight to office in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India


The company in this specific project has, just as many other companies, the socializing space placed deep into the building and far away from windows where no natural light reaches.

The company, which has a global business, has explicit sustainability goals, both environmentally with several LEED certified facilities in the US, but also regarding the well-being of the employees by giving them a good pleasant working place.


By using Parans’ solutions the company is now able to supply natural light to an important part of the office and creating a more pleasant working space. The light is spread inside via the simple fiber ends in a 60 degree cone and gives a pleasant and, above all, a natural light.

The office is certified within the environmental program LEED Commercial Interiors Platinum (LEED ID+C), which means that the company has chosen to certify the office within the environmental program despite that the whole building is not LEED certified.