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2021-01-15 12:48 Customers


Natural light boosting workplace wellness

Eutron Romania is the first office building in Romania to install the Parans system, as part of their sustainability strategy and interest.

In December 2020, Eutron installed the first Parans system. Via fiber optic cables the sunlight is transmitted inside the building. Eutron has the Parans system model SP4-16.2 installed, which offers 16 lighting points, using several styles of spotlights and luminaires.

Eutron operational headquarters are illuminated directly by sunlight. Eutron themselves testifies “It gives multiple advantages for the health and well being of Eutron’s team members, but also an economic advantage for the company. On sunny days, Eutron doesn’t use artificial lighting, saving significant energy.”

Eutron is Parans’ distributor in Romania. Connect to plan for a visit:

Image courtesy: Parans and Eutron