Business Park, Italy

2018-11-21 12:43 Customers


A Parans system has been installed in an inspiring way in Milano, Italy, in a service building at a Business Park housing more than 4 000 people. Parans’ luminaires have been installed at the top of a shaft and creates a light experience of an open shaft, which gives light several floors down.

A Parans system has been installed in an inspiring way in Milan, Italy, in the service building “Easy Point” at the Business Park of Via Caldera 21. The Building is owned by Generali Real Estate SGR S.p.A.General Planning, a company within Construction Engineering Design, has been responsible for the project.

The Business Park has been designed with the principles of Work Life Balance in mind. The service building together with other facilities within the Business Park offer services to facilitate the life of the more than 4 000 people working there. The building offers for example yoga, fitness, child care facilities, conference rooms, co working areas and more. All workers within the Business Park are able to utilize the services of the building and also experience the natural light via the Parans system.

Like many other buildings, the core has limited of natural light via windows. The shaft, situated in the middle of the building, gives the building a feeling of open space. From the SP4 collector on the roof, 30 meters long cables lead the natural light through the property and the 12 luminaires spreads the light into the shaft. The Parans system creates a feeling of a light shaft open to heaven, when spreading light from the pent floor to the ground floor, three floors down. The experience is striking, both when the visitors steps through the entrance to the office building, but also for those who take a break in the sunlight.

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