Office Area at Factory, Malaysia

2020-01-23 10:56 Customers


Natural Light for increased Workplace Wellness

Interior kitchen area

Many factories there are windowless areas with people spending time there, without having access to natural light. Baba Products (“Babas”) is a Malaysian herb producer with factories and offices at several locations in Malaysia. The company has chosen to add natural light to the indoor environment at the factory in Kuala Lumpur.

On the roof a Parans system SP4 with eight cables has been installed. The cable length is custom made and leads the sunlight indoors. 8 pieces of the so called Point Lights are spreading the light inside. The Parans light is distributed in both the kitchen area and a small office to create more pleasant spaces and to increase the levels of natural light among the co-workers. Both rooms have no windows at all and the Parans system gives a sufficient general lighting on sunny days.

Beautiful spaces are created with natural light!

Parans system SP4-8