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2017-10-19 10:57 Customers


Blue Sky With Rainbow by artist Julianne Swartz, Australia

Blue Sky With Rainbow by Art Gallery of Western Australia


When the New York-based artist Julianne Swartz came to Australia to discuss upcoming project with Art Gallery of Western Australia she could really “feel the light”. To lead sunlight to a specific place at a gallery to create a piece of art is not only exciting but also challenging.

Julianne Swartz tell herself: ”I really felt the light, so I wanted to make a piece that used that energy of that light….So my proposal, I said that we would collect sunlight from the roof and bring it through the museum and to create two optical events in the interior of the museum…”

Stefano Carboni, Director of Art Gallery of Western Australia says: “…in the end you find the rainbow”.


The Parans systems were placed on the roof to harvest sunlight throughout the whole day. Perth in Australia has nine hours of sunlight in average. Via 100 meters of fiber optic cables the sunlight is transported in and through the gallery and spreads the sunlight, creating the effect the artist Julianne Swartz searched for.

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