Childcare, Australia

2018-06-08 13:02 Customers


Daylight requirements achieved at Childcare in Sydney, Australia


A preschool’s new premises near the Harbor Bridge in Sydney had limited natural light.
The playrooms would be placed on the second floor, where the children would play and learn but also spend an essential part of the day. The premises had limited natural light because the building is surrounded by large office and residential buildings, which is common in big cities.The challenge were to reach legislation requirement for satisfying levels of daylight.


To bring in natural light in the new preschools and to achieve daylight requirements, the customer chose to install Parans system. The contractor were approved to use the Parans system to reach required daylight levels. Sydney has approximately 2,500 hours of sunshine per year. All these hours of sunshine can be used and natural light can flow in the room
via the flexible Parans system with fiber optic cables that leads the light from the collectors on the roof to the playrooms.

In this installation, the luminaire Point Light spread the light across a large surface.