Aquarium in Qingdao

2022-11-18 09:45 Customers


Qingdao Polar Ocean World successfully installed the Parans SP4 sunlight system!

Sunlight is the basic condition for the survival of all things in the world, and all things grow by the sun. As an ecological cycle biosphere, aquariums are inseparable from sunlight if they want to ensure the health and vitality of organisms.

Compared to typical electric light sources, sunlight is considered to have the highest level of light required for biological functions. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, which can kill many pathogenic microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, rickettsia, viruses and algae, etc., without pollution and side effects. Ultraviolet and infrared bands in sunlight can also sterilize and disinfect the skin and hair of furbearers, provide nutrients, and play an important role in their health. Polar Sea World, out of its love for marine animals, decided to use the Parans Sunshine System to provide it with natural sunlight.

Parans designed the natural sunlight spectrum for the polar marine world. Among them, ultraviolet rays can prevent the occurrence of various skin diseases of seals, so a lamp with a specific formula is used as the light source, according to the photoelectric effect, biological effect and photochemical effect of light quantum, the specific wavelength of light quantum beam directly acts on the skin, through the skin to the shallow and middle layer of the dermis. Its mechanism of action in the treatment of skin diseases is to induce apoptosis, especially apoptosis of immune T cells. Through light, the activity of antigen-presenting cells such as epidermal Langerhans can be significantly inhibited and the epidermal inflammatory response can be reduced. At the same time, it improves the metabolic function and immunity of organisms to achieve the purpose of cure.

Natural light is projected into the seal pond to form a strong spot of about 15 square meters, with a visible illumination of about 3000 lux, and also contains rich ultraviolet and infrared light. The project uses a fiber optic cable of about 10 meters to install the SP4-40.2 (80 light spot) Parans sunlight system on the roof of the museum to introduce sunlight.

The Parans Sunshine System can provide its unique value solution without being affected by any structural design of the building, bringing sunlight indoors, improving indoor comfort and providing abundant indoor sunlight. Parans Sunshine, the best light of mankind!