Biophilic Design – is your office environment inspired by it?

2017-04-20 14:41 Blog


Biophilic Design - the impact of nature on the places where we live, work and learn.

Biophilic design

Parans has always been a fan of Biophilic Design – the impact of nature on the places where we live, work and learn – as we use the movements from the sunflower as an inspiration for the design of the Parans system to bring the natural sunlight inside the building. In office environments, the wellbeing of the staff is fundamental. More and more companies, both global and small, are becoming aware of the working environment’s impact on the wellbeing of the staff.

Steve Taylor, Project Director at Peldon Rose, states in his article published by “Investing in a positive office environment demonstrates a commitment to both current employees and new talent. Businesses need to invest in their staff’s wellbeing in order to build a great team and enhance their desire to stay and excel in the company – rather than simply gaining enough experience before moving on… One of the most common requests we have from our clients is to bring plenty of fresh air into the office, to create lots of light and open spaces.” We, at Parans, believe that this is probably one of the important factors becoming a successful company.

Google, ranking as the most attractive employer in the world, has adapted Biophilic Design in their work place environment. In an interview with Anthony Ravitz at Google Real Estate and Workplace Services, published by Human Spaces, he explains the strategies that help people perform at their best at Google. “Google has three strategies when working with biophilic design: 1) Natural elements such as light and water, 2) natural patterns such as forms that replicates the nature 3) elements of the space and the place such as where we have broad and distinctive views, but also from behind and over head we feel protective and safe. We know that the spaces we create have a really lasting impact on people throughout their entire lives.” Watch the interview here:

Anthony Ravitz at Google Real Estate and Workplace Services talks about Biophilic Design