The new PLT-500S brings health to thousands of households

2022-05-03 Products


In May 2022, PLT-500S was officially launched

Sunlight is the basic condition for the survival of all things in the world, and it is also the natural light that has the greatest impact on human health.

Whether it’s a short day or a long year, the sun will be different at different times in different places, and people’s mood changes will unknowingly follow these changes. Although people can now design electric light sources similar to the sunlight spectrum, there is still no electric light source that can simulate this variation of natural sunlight.

The PLT-500S sunlight system is a sunlight system that locates the sun position through the sun automatic tracking system and the photosensitive device, focuses the sunlight with a high transmittance lens, and guides the light with high efficiency and full spectrum into the fiber optic lamps. It is a healthy and green product that can truly transmit pure sunlight to living spaces lacking sunlight.

This product is specially designed and developed for the domestic market. It is cost-effective, small in size, easy to install, and highly popularized, and can be applied to any environment where there is a need for sunlight.


1) Move at will: small size and light weight;

2) Easy installation: not affected by geographical location, the built-in GPS can automatically locate;

3) Automatic tracking and collection;

4) 100% sunlight, full spectrum: ultraviolet, visible light, infrared.

Application scenarios

1) Assist indoor disinfection and sterilization;

2) Prevent indoor humidity and mildew;

3) Assist in solving infant jaundice;

4) Indoor sunbathing.